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Voice Weaver performances are fun!

Why not hire Voice Weavers to entertain at your next event?

We can perform at:
  • Corporate functions
  • Charity events
  • Community Entertainment events
  • Christmas parties
  • Awards nights
We will also consider other events.  Just contact Voice Weavers for a competitive quote.
Contact Melissa Hall: 0498133342,

Voice Weavers is a non-profit organisation so all funding goes towards the cost of running the chorus.

Voice Weavers are an aCappella choir meaing we sing without accompaniment. It takes time to learn music in the multipart harmony style of an aCappella choir and our new music is planned 6-12 months in advance so generally we can only perform music that we have already prepared. If you want us to sing something your nominate it will take time (and money) to prepare. 

Voice Weavers has performed at weddings and we have a current repertoire of songs we think might be wedding suitable:

Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley)
Love is in the Air (John Paul Young)
Irish Blessing (traditional)
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