Hayden Bech

Hayden commenced Directorship of the choir in April 2019. He has varied directing experience spanning barbershop, musical theatre and black comedy as well as strong secondary skills like performance and marketing that make him a good fit for our choir.

With his own vocal coaching business he has been developing  unique and innovative ways to teach singing. While he has many young students, he also loves working with adults who have waited their entire lives to start singing for the first time. As the Assistant Director of The Blenders – a large, all-male a cappella choir, full of adults and retirees often new to singing, Hayden is experienced with the challenge of introducing singing later in life. An important quality to help improve the skill level of a community choir like Voice Weavers. Hayden continues to build on the awesome work of our past directors Brett and India Logan.

Past Director - Brett Logan

Brett Logan -  Past Musical DirectorBrett discovered aCappella singing in his early 30s and has always regretted the years wasted prior to his enlightenment.

Brett is a long time member of the Gold Coast's choral community having sung with The Gold Coast City Choir, The Blenders, Sound Connection and was director of Voice Weavers aCappella Choir from 2010 to 2019.

Past Director - India Logan

Andrew Howson - Musical DirectorMusical Director India Logan was a member of Voice Weavers from 2010, joining the choir at the tender age of 12. Her younger years were spent singing in Primary, Middle, High School and University Choirs. 

After a stint as Voice Weaver's Assistant Director, India was promoted to Musical Director as Brett took the newly created Artistic Director position, both working together to musically and culturally advance the choir. India was the musical director for VW's highly successful 2019 tour to Japan,

See Brett & India perform in The Last Resort at
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