Come and have a listen to our choir!

We sing in multi-part harmony (4+ parts), without accompaniment – no piano, guitar or backing track – in differing arrangement styles from contemporary a cappella to traditional choral with an emphasis on pop-choral.

You don’t need to audition for Voice Weavers but you do need to sing for our Director so she can work out what section – and vocal range – you’d be most comfortable singing in. We provide members with online learning tracks, so you don't need to be able to read music to sing with us. However, you will be expected to do some homework between rehearsals. Members use the tracks at home to learn their part so that rehearsals are about making beautiful music rather than ‘note-bashing’. This also means we can learn more challenging material and sing at a high standard.

Each year we learn new repertoire for performance at an annual show. We average perhaps six additional performances a year (plus Christmas gigs) and every three years the choir travels to an international festival or competition (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2022 - COVID Permitting).

We have an open door policy and you’re welcome to pop in to see what we do, how we sound and the way we work. If you decide you like what you see – and hear – the next step is to come to a scheduled Open Night for prospective members. Your initial visit is free of charge, and subsequent visits are $15 until you become a full member and pay an annual fee. See our Membership Coordinator at the end of a rehearsal to find out the dates for upcoming Open Nights & information about membership costs, rehearsal details, etc.

Voice Weavers choir offers a safe, supportive environment in which men and women can relax, make new friends and sing! We hope you can join us!

Our mission statement is ‘Voice Weavers aims to be recognised as a choir that enjoys presenting innovative and entertaining vocal and visual arrangements at the highest international standards whilst maintaining involvement with the local community.’

You're also welcome to contact our operations manager  Annette  

Video from our 2017 Beatles Concert, Twin Towns Tweed Heads

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