Who are the Voice Weavers choir?

Voice Weavers

Voice Weavers is a community choir of men and women of all ages and backgrounds based in Tweed Heads and Coolangatta. We sing in the aCappella style from a diverse repertoire of easily accessible music.

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How does a choir continue when locked out of their auditorium and staying at home?  Voice Weavers have kept the faith by weekly meetings/rehearsals on Zoom.  Not perfect but a chance to get together and go through our repertoire to work out finer points.  We have had a consistently good roll up and it’s great to see so many logging on each week.  I know we won’t be too far behind when we are finally able to sing together again.

The choir has also fully embraced our video rehearsals.  Singers send in videos of themselves singing their part and it‘s put together into a full choir rehearsal.  As we are all still learning how to video ourselves and getting used to hearing how we really sound, the rehearsal videos have not yet been made public.  But that’s possible down the track!


Voice Weavers has been busy during the lockdown, completing six compilation videos and one audio track in an effort to keep singing.  The videos are sent in by each singer and they have been put together in-house by a novice engineer/video technician.  Because they were mostly for rehearsal purposes we have not released them to the public but we thought it was time you could have a look at what we have been doing. 

This video is a song by Billy Joel called Lullabye and arranged by Deke Sharon.  We were introduced to it when the choir visited Hobart for the Festival of Voices in July 2018 and the whole choir did a workshop with Deke.  We liked it so much it was kept in our repertoire. Click on the YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/puwBBkVMNGo  I hope you enjoy it.




To be advised

Because the activity of singing has been proven to be dynamic in the spread of COVID19 we have been keeping a close watch on information from The Australian National Choral Association and other avenues. We will only resume rehearsals when it is considered safe to do so with appropriate measures put into place.

Wednesdays 6:00pm QLD time for 6.30 pm start
(7:00 pm DST NSW for 7:30 pm start)

Tweed Heads Civic Centre Auditorium
Cnr Wharf & Brett Sts, Tweed Heads NSW 2485

Interested singers can Join us for the vocal craft session at the beginning of the night, then take a seat and observe our rehearsals.  You will have access to a music book so you can follow along if you can read music. Our Membership officer will give you information on our Open Nights when we take in new members, the cost of joining and other important information. We arrive early to socialise so come at 6:00pm Qld time (7:00 pm NSW) and meet the members.

For details, contact Margaret Reichelt: (04) 0711-6627, join@voiceweavers.com.au
...or just turn up!




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